Orange Gun Club
Mission Statement

Our mission is to:
  • 1. Promote safe and responsible gun handling with law abiding citizens and families.
  • 2. Promote competitions in different disciplines of rifles, shotguns, and handguns.
  • 3. Encourage Junior Shooters to learn the safety, responsibility and fellowship in using a firearm.
Orange Gun Club President,
Ken Hebert
Orange Gun Club
The Gun Club For Members, Members' Family and Guests
35 YD
Special Notes: Gator Guns and Tax Plus Agency in Sulphur are currently out of tokens. Watch for updates.

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A New Gate Code will be implemented on or before November 1, 2016. All Gate Keys will be Deactived on Oct 31, 2016. Please RENEW Now so we can issue you your Gate Code.
Return to the website to get up to date info. Watch the video about the New Gate Code.

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1st Saturday 8:00 am
2nd Saturday 8:00 am
Pistol Matches
1st Thursday 6:00 pm (Evening)
3rd Thursday 6:00 pm (Evening)
3rd Saturday 9:00 am (Morning)
Steel Challenge
3rd Sunday 9:00 am
Cowboy Shooter/SASS
1st Saturday 9:00 am
3rd Saturday 9:00 am
Text Ms Donnie Presutti (337) 794-4745
to add you events.
Contact Numbers:
President, Ken Hebert:409-670-7244Vice President, John Gothia: 409-882-1217
Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Info, Ms Donnie Presutti: 337-794-4745
Grounds Keeper, Charles Gravenmier: 409-749-0279
Shotgun Matches
1st Sunday 2:00 pm Trap Match
2nd Sunday 2:00 pm
Annie Oakley
3rd Sunday 5-Stand Match
Location: 725 Liston Cutoff Road
Orange, TX