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Tokens for Skeet and Trap:
Adult Tokens$4.00- Pays for 27 clays once dropped into the token machine.
Youth Token $3.00- Ages 18 and younger. Pays for 27 clays once dropped into the token machine.

Tokens are availabe at the following locations:
Rays Pawn 3135 Texas Ave, Bridge City
Security Title Company 3800 North 16th, Street in Orange, TX
Precision Archery at Ferry and Texas Ave in Bridge City.
If shooting trap doubles please deposit 1st token in coin box and 2nd token in lock box next to token box.

Trap machines can be set to throw straight/oscillate/ and full wobble trap.

Trap machines can also be set to throw singles and doubles.
Annie Oakley Fun Match
2nd Sunday 2:00 pm
Informal fun shooting
Skrap, Arkansas Trap, Skeet, Trap
Annie Oakley
(For Annie Oakley, no reloads, only club factory loads, 6.50/box)
All Orange Gun Club rules apply.
No alcohol on club grounds.
No shot larger than 7 ½
No load heavier than 1 1/8 oz.

Trap Match
The OGC trap match is on the first Sunday of the month at 2 pm. Buy in is with $5 and 2 tokens per shooter. The first flight is done at the 16 yard line with 5 shooters. If there are more that 5 shooters, divide the number evenly and there may be several 16 yard flights. The 16 yard flight is the " qualifier". Next, all shooters with scores 19 or greater will shoot from the 27 yard line and those with less than 19 will shoot from the 19 yard line. A shooter with less than 19 may elect to shoot in the 27 yard line flight but not the other way around. (A 27 yard line qualified shooter may not elect to shoot at 19 yards). The pot is divided by 3: High over all winner, 19 yard line winner and 27 yard line winner.
One shooter cannot win twice. Doc

Arkansas trap
 Shooters begin with exactly 25 shells. Sometimes played singles, sometimes played with teams of 2. Each shooter starts at skeet station 1. You shoot clays coming from the trap machine. You have five chances to hit 2 birds. If you hit 2 right off the bat you step off the station, if you use 5 shells you are done and step off the station. Each shooter shoots from station 1. The same process continues from all skeet stations. After station 8 is shot, the shooter with the most shells left is the winner. Typically each shooter puts $1 in the pot. The winner wins the whole pot. If teams of 2 are played, when one team member runs out of shells they borrow from their teammate I. Order to complete their stations, deleting their teammates she'll count. The winner is determined by the total # of shells from both team members. 

Each shooter shoot a high house and a low house, then a double from station 1. Same at station 2. Stations 3,4,5, 8 only have a high house and low house. No.  doubles. Each shooter shoots from all stations 1 through 8. The game ends after each shooter shoots a high and a low from station 8. The high score wins. 

5 stand
To start each shooter contributes $15 to the pot. This fee includes 2 tokes needed for the game. The remainder goes to the pot which is divided. A portion goes to the range and a portion goes to the winners pot. Winners are decided by Lewis Option if there are greater than 10 shooters and by first, second and third place if there are 10 shooters or less. To begin: Shooters stand at station 1-5. Five shooters per flight

Each shooter shoots a single clay from the machine that corresponds to their station number. i. e Station 1 will shoot the clay from machine #1. You may shoot twice at singles. Then each shooter shoots a report pair that is on the master list. A different report pair for each station. Then each shooter will shoot a true pair that is on the master list. A different true pair for each station. Once all shooters have shot 5 clays from this station they will all move down one station and shoot the same process. All shooters will shoot from each station for a total of 25 clays. It usually takes more than 25 shells to play to account for two shots at the singles. Each shooter will repeat this process for a total of 50 birds. The winner is then determined as described above. 

Each shooter starts at skeet station 1. One clay is shot from the high house and on report another clay is shot from the trap house. Then a low house is shot and on report another clay is shot from the trap house. Each shooter shoots this sequence from station 1 then they move to station two and so on. Stations 3 and 5 only have 2 clays; A high house and trap from 3 and a low house and trap from 5. This keeps the shell count to 25. The winner is the shooter who drops the least amount of birds, the "high score ".
Skeet House
Token Machine
Orange Gun Club
The Gun Club For Members, Members' Family and Guests
Orange Gun Club Clay Championship, Saturday June 1, 2019
Club Members Only - 100 Bird Shoot
Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays
Entry Fee $50 - 1st Flight 9:30 am and 2nd Flight 2:00 pm
Top Shooter Prize: Next Years Club Membership Fees Paid
*Subsequent Places Prizes Depending on Participation.
Links and Drinks

For Details and Registration Contact: Paul McHenry 409-656-4815 or pomchenry61@yahoo.com
Shotgun: Skeet and Trap
Tokens can now be purchased at
The Smoking Gun 7410 College St in Beaumont, TX
Security Title Company 3800 North 16th Street in Orange, TX
Ray's Pawn 3135 Texas Street Bridge City, TX
Precision Archery at Ferry and Texas Ave in Bridge City
and Gator Gun and Knife store 148 South Cities Service Hwy in Sulphur, LA
A lock is on the 5-stand and combination is the same as the one on the skeet house.