Orange Gun Club
The Gun Club For Members, Members' Family and Guests

Welcome to the Orange Gun Club
  • Initiation Fee: $200
  • Annual Fee:   $100
  • Seniors over 65:  $75 Seniors that are 65 years of age for a full year.

  • Prorated Fee:$75 When joining Oct-Dec
$50 When joining Jan-Mar
$25 When joining Apr-June 15th
  • Credit Card
conv fee:   $10
  • Late Fee $50  Renewing after Sept 30 and before Dec 31 of same year.
  • NSF Check Fee  $25
  • Lost Gate Key     $25
  • Damaged Gate    FreeYou must surrender damaged gate key.
Key Replace
  • 3-RuleFreeSign 3 members up within the time period Sept to Aug (12 months)
Membershipand receive your next year membership for free. New member must
  put your name on application.
  • Tokens   $4 ea27 birds

You can print the application to join and mail with a check, money order, or credit card number to the Orange Gun Club, PO Box 986, Orange, TX 77630.

Or fill out the application online and pay with credit card.

Fees are non-refundable.

The Orange Gun Club is a private club open to members only and their family/guests. Membership in the Club is open to any American citizen of good moral character over eighteen (18) years of age, who has never been a member of any organization, which advocates the overthrow of the U.S. Government by force of violence.